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Nyonger Farm - East Hyden, Western Australia

Nyonger front gate

Welcome to John & Bernadette Cashmores web page about our property 'Nyonger'. GPS co-ordinates are S32 21.009 E119 10.758 (WGS 84)
'Nyonger' farm has always been in the Cashmore family, developed from virgin bush, situated just inside the rabbit proof fence between the
granite monoliths of King Rock and Wave Rock at Hyden, Western Australia. We are located at 541 Cashmore Road, East Hyden. WA
We introduced the 'Nature enhanced' organic method on this farm, and have continuously been Demeter Certified bio-dynamic by the
Biodynamic Research Institute ( BDRI ) since 1995, producing tastier and more nutritious food.

Welcome to AUSTRALIAN DEMETER bio-dynamic Quality Produce


With the greater public awareness and consumer demand for naturally produced food, it is reassuring to know that not all organisations or farms are recent
converts. Bio-Dynamic Agriculture has been practiced in Australia for over 50 years. There is much more to producing DEMETER Bio-Dynamic produce
than simply not applying chemicals. The foundation of our quality is based on how we manage our soil. It is nurtured and developed, and that requires a
lot of skill. Such commitment and dedication to the real development of soil activity is something many consumers may not comprehend, and therefore,
appreciate sufficiently. We hope the following information will encourage you to support DEMETER Bio-Dynamic producers, as they work
towards a truly sustainable, and ecological method of producing your quality food. To read more about this, please click this link here.

Please send any emails to John & Bernadette Cashmore: nyonger@gmail.com

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